XDS delivers quality business driven master data solutions ranging from individual single-domain solutions to an enterprise 360 degree perspective of multiple domains. The XDS MDM methodology for implementing enterprise solutions focuses on business critical data stored in multiple disparate data repositories building solutions that give the client a single perspective of the individual, product or reference domain of data.

As client needs around master data grow, it is critical that solutions incorporate the high quality and completeness of the individual domain and are scalable to add new sources of data or scale into multiple domain implementations creating a 360 degree perspective.

Key deliverables of a XDS MDM project include:

  • Linking of same entities within a master data domain
  • Duplicate identification and tracking
  • Multiple domain relationships between entities, such as identifying members that are also employees or customers
  • An enterprise data model that is scalable and extensible
  • Upstream and downstream data integration with key enterprise applications

To find out more about how XDS can help you with your MDM needs please contact us at info@XDSconsulting.com