XDS recognizes that Enterprise Data Integration is core to any successful business strategy and must consider application, reporting, analytic and big data needs. XDS has built its business based on being an industry leader in architecting and implementing enterprise grade solutions through decades of team experience and successes.

Our methodology surrounding data integration creates an ecosystem geared towards individual client’s needs and incorporates data architecture, models, design patterns, development, documentation, training and support that caters to the clients specific roadmap to a successful delivery. These solutions range from end to end program management and execution to architecture oversight for client resource delivery.

Key technology solutions include:

  • Framework architecture and design services
  • Real time data integration services
  • Analytic data warehouse architecture, design and build
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Big data solutions

XDS has a strategic partnership with a global leader in the data integration landscape, and if a client’s needs require technology selection services, we provide leadership and guidance in helping the client match the right technologies to their strategic business needs.

To find out more about how XDS can help you with your data integration needs please contact us at info@XDSconsulting.com